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The First Known Piezoelectric Liquids Have Been Discovered

IFL Science 29 Mar 2023
Over 140 years after piezoelectricity was discovered, the first piezoelectric liquids have now been found by chance ... Piezoelectric materials get a burst of publicity every few years, for example, shoes that generate electricity from steps ... Ever since their discovery, however, all piezoelectric materials have been solid.

Synaptics Resonate™ Surface Audio and Triple Combo 2™ Wireless SoC Win Embedded Computing ...

Eagle-Tribune 29 Mar 2023
It uses piezoelectric transducers mounted on the rear of the display to generate and project audio directly outward from the glass surface for a more immersive, line-of-sight viewing experience, while enabling dustproof and waterproof designs.

Are piezoelectrics good for generating electricity? Perhaps, but we must decide how to evaluate them

Phys Dot Org 13 Mar 2023
piezoelectric materials generate electricity when you ... Are piezoelectrics good for generating electricity? Perhaps, but we must decide how to evaluate them (2023, March 13) retrieved 13 March 2023 from https.//

Khalifa Fund, Microsoft announce winners of UAE Imagine Cup 2023 final

Beijing News 09 Mar 2023
The UAE winners were Wadima Alkaabi and Marwa Almazrouei for their 'Piezoelectric Based Energy Source Model for Street Lights' project ... The winning concept was chosen for its innovative approach to generating energy from cars at traffic lights using piezoelectric converts, which will convert the energy into electricity.

Why you shouldn’t fall for these videos of electrically charged stones from the DRC

The Observers 14 Feb 2023
Did someone really discover rocks capable of generating electricity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)? That’s what some people have been claiming after seeing two videos that have been circulating on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp since January 21, 2023 ... Is it possible these energy-generating rocks are real?.

The touchy-feely world of the metaverse and future gadgets

Economist 01 Feb 2023
The Brave New World Aldous Huxley describes in his novel of that title features the “feelies” ... But people are working on them ... \nNone of this will be cheap ... These employ actuators based on piezoelectric materials, which shrink or expand in response to a voltage, producing a slight movement ... When squeezed, a piezoelectric crystal generates a current ... ■ .

Topological acoustic waveguide to help reduce unwanted energy consumption in electronics

Phys Dot Org 30 Jan 2023
SAWs can be excited and detected on piezoelectric substrates, crystals with the ability to generate electricity when compressed or vibrated ... "Implementing our waveguide involves simply fabricating nano-sized pillar patterns on the surface of the piezoelectric substrate," says Nii ... More information. Y ... DOI. 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.19.014001 ... Citation ... ....

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Images the Heart In Real Time

Slashdot 27 Jan 2023
IEEE Spectrum reports ... They detailed their findings online on January 25 in the journal Nature ... It uses an array of piezoelectric transducers to send and receive ultrasound waves in order to generate a constant stream of images of the structure and function of the heart ... No skin irritation or allergy was seen after 24 hours of continuous wear ... .

A smart elastomer that can self-tune its stiffness and conductivity

Phys Dot Org 27 Jan 2023
Smart materials are materials that have the ability to change their properties in response to specific external stimuli, such as temperature, humidity, light, or applied stress ... Another example of smart materials includes piezoelectric materials, which generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress ... Shiyang Tang ... DOI ... Citation.

The Worldwide Piezoelectric Materials Industry is Projected to Reach $2.5 Billion by 2031 -

Eagle-Tribune 25 Jan 2023
On the contrary, increase in acceptance of piezoelectric materials for producing piezoelectric energy harvests that is used for generating power level from nano watts to microwatts in various aircrafts and fighter jets may enhance the demand for piezoelectric materials; thus, creating lucrative opportunities for the market.

Farewell to 'forever': Destroying PFAS by grinding it up with a new additive

Phys Dot Org 23 Jan 2023
To overcome these limitations, Yang Yang and colleagues turned to boron nitride, a piezoelectric material that generates partial electrical charges and can accept electrons when deformed by mechanical forces.

Piezo Therapeutics Launches to Transform Delivery of Nucleic Acid Medicines

Victoria Advocate 19 Jan 2023
"Piezo's key innovation in generating electric pulses addresses each of these challenges," said Mark Prausnitz, co-founder ... To enable next-generation RNA and DNA medicines, Piezo is advancing its platform integrating a piezoelectric pulse generator and microneedles to address these challenges.

Piezoelectric Devices Global Market Report 2022: High Adoption of Piezoelectric Products in the Aerospace Industry ...

Eagle-Tribune 06 Jan 2023
Piezoelectric generators are used on a large scale in portable consumer electronic devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, and laptops to meet the power requirements of these devices ... Piezoelectric Devices Market Report HighlightsThe piezoelectric generators are anticipated to ...

The electric gel that helps repair chronic wounds could offer a new way to heal ...

The Daily Mail 20 Dec 2022
The new gel, known as Biocompatible Self-Powered Piezoelectric Hydrogel, mimics this effect — but with the gel, electricity is generated when tiny crystals made with a compound called polyvinylidene fluoride are squeezed; physical activity (moving the body part concerned) also increases the effect, creating more electricity across the wound.

Cooling solar panels with cold steam from ultrasonic thermoelectric generators

PV Magazine 08 Dec 2022
Iranian researchers have looked at how ultrasonic thermoelectric generators could be used to lower the operating temperature of solar modules. Their new system can generate cold steam via ultrasonic piezoelectrics in a simple batch system ... The proposed system can generate cold steam by ultrasonic piezoelectrics in a simple batch system.

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