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Mimicking a human fingertip's sensitivity and sense of direction for robotic applications

Phys Dot Org 03 Dec 2021
Human fingertips are remarkably sensitive ... bag of dog food without slipping. They can also manipulate objects with relative ease ... At the University of Michigan, Prof. P.C ... P.C ... GaN was used because of its ability to measure force through its innate piezoelectric property, meaning its ability to generate an electrical charge when stressed ... Explore further.

Study challenges standard ideas about piezoelectricity in ferroelectric crystals

Phys Dot Org 17 Nov 2021
For years, researchers believed that the smaller the domain size in a ferroelectric crystal, the greater the piezoelectric properties of the material ... Piezoelectricity is a material property where the crystal generates electrical charge under an applied mechanical force ... "In most of these applications, the piezoelectric material plays a key role.

Piezo-Based Energy Harvesting May Repel Tooth Decay

Engineering Times 08 Nov 2021
The development of the piezoelectric charge-generating discs and their ability to place bacteria-shedding charges on the surface of a tooth presents the possibility of dental implants which inhibit plaque adhesion and subsequent decay.

A new 3D printing frontier: Self-powered wearable devices

Phys Dot Org 27 Oct 2021
Piezoelectric materials are some of the most promising materials in the manufacture of wearable electronics and sensors because they generate their own electrical charge from applied mechanical stress instead of from a power source ... Yipu Du et al, Hybrid printing of wearable piezoelectric sensors, Nano Energy (2021).

Fundamentals of vibration analysis: Why is vibration analysis essential?

Process and Control Today 25 Oct 2021
Therefore, vibration is a useful tool for investigating the status of rotating machinery, such as electric motors, pumps and generators ... Its sensors are connected to the vibrating structure and read the incoming electrical voltage generated by the piezoelectric crystal ... A complex machine has many components, each generating its own vibration.

Era of energy harvesters

Business Line 24 Oct 2021
For example, shoes that generate electricity as you walk. The Defence Research and Development Organisation is working on a device that a soldier can carry in a backpack to generate power as he or she walks ... So, if you place a coil hanging like a pendulum within a magnetic field in your car, you have yourself an onboard generator.

A traffic light for light-on-a-chip

Phys Dot Org 21 Oct 2021
By synchronously driving multiple piezoelectric MEMS actuators, bulk acoustic waves are generated electromechanically, which can couple to and deflect light propagating in the Si3N4 waveguide beneath them ... By replacing magnetic materials with piezoelectric thin-film transducers, the requirement of magnetic field is entirely avoided.

Enhancing piezoelectric properties under pressure

Phys Dot Org 12 Oct 2021
BiFeO3 (or BFO) boasts an impressive resume of multifunctional properties, including piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, magnetism and optical properties ... The key aspect is the use of the anisotropic epitaxy approach to 1) generate a low-symmetry phase, and 2) facilitate enhancements in response; in this case, the piezoelectric coefficient.

Bioinspired electromechanical nanogenerators to regulate cell activity

Phys Dot Org 11 Oct 2021
The device contained highly discrete piezoelectric fibers to generate piezo potential of up to millivolts to provide in situ electrical stimulation for living cells ... The team simulated and studied the piezoelectric potential generated from cell force in bio-NGs using finite element analysis.

How to power electronics using mechanical motion

Phys Dot Org 01 Oct 2021
Piezoelectric materials generate an electrical charge when stressed mechanically, while the triboelectric effect is the buildup of charges on two dissimilar materials after they have come in contact with each other ... other to generate charges on the electrodes, creating a voltage.

IIT Delhi researchers design device to generate electricity from ocean waves

Live Mint 19 Sep 2021
The generated electricity can be stored in batteries for further use, the institute claimed ... When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, the present device can generate significantly more electricity," said IIT-Delhi in a statement.

IIT Delhi researchers develop device that generates electricity from raindrops

Live Mint 18 Sep 2021
The electricity generated by the device called 'Liquid-solid Interface Triboelectric Nanogenerator' can be stored in batteries for further use ... When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, it can generate significantly more electricity.

IIT-Delhi researchers develop device to generate electricity from raindrops, ocean waves

Indian Express 17 Sep 2021
When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, the present device can generate significantly more electricity,” IIT-D said in a statement ...Triboelectric effect is a known phenomenon for a long time, and in this effect, charges are generated when two surfaces are in friction.

Penn Dental Medicine Researchers Developing Smart Dental Implant

The Bradford Era 14 Sep 2021
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 3 million people in America have dental implants, used to replace a tooth lost to decay, gum disease, or injury ... The material explored was barium titanate, which has piezoelectric properties. The study showed its power-generating property was sustained and did not leach over time ... Contact ... ....

Smart dental implants

Technology Org 10 Sep 2021
We are using a piezoelectric material, which can generate electrical power from natural oral motions to supply a light that can conduct phototherapy, and we find that it can successfully protect gingival tissue from bacterial challenge.” ... The power-generating property of the material was sustained and in tests over time the material did not leach.