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IIT Delhi researchers design device to generate electricity from ocean waves

Live Mint 19 Sep 2021
The generated electricity can be stored in batteries for further use, the institute claimed ... When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, the present device can generate significantly more electricity," said IIT-Delhi in a statement.

IIT Delhi researchers develop device that generates electricity from raindrops

Live Mint 18 Sep 2021
The electricity generated by the device called 'Liquid-solid Interface Triboelectric Nanogenerator' can be stored in batteries for further use ... When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, it can generate significantly more electricity.

IIT-Delhi researchers develop device to generate electricity from raindrops, ocean waves

Indian Express 17 Sep 2021
When compared to conventional methods, such as the use of the piezoelectric effect, the present device can generate significantly more electricity,” IIT-D said in a statement ...Triboelectric effect is a known phenomenon for a long time, and in this effect, charges are generated when two surfaces are in friction.

Penn Dental Medicine Researchers Developing Smart Dental Implant

The Bradford Era 14 Sep 2021
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 3 million people in America have dental implants, used to replace a tooth lost to decay, gum disease, or injury ... The material explored was barium titanate, which has piezoelectric properties. The study showed its power-generating property was sustained and did not leach over time ... Contact ... ....

Smart dental implants

Technology Org 10 Sep 2021
We are using a piezoelectric material, which can generate electrical power from natural oral motions to supply a light that can conduct phototherapy, and we find that it can successfully protect gingival tissue from bacterial challenge.” ... The power-generating property of the material was sustained and in tests over time the material did not leach.

Novel Renewable Technologies That Could Power the Future

Interesting Engineering 28 Aug 2021
You can use them to directly generate electricity, or act as a direct, or indirect, heat source ... The term is derived from the ancient Greek piezein ("press" or "squeeze"), and the piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.

Engineers harness muscle power for healing

Mega Doctor News 17 Aug 2021
The generators are made up of self-assembling “piezoelectric wafers” ... The team, led by Xudong Wang, PhD., professor of Materials Science and Engineering, created a method for self-assembly of small patch-like constructs that use the amino acid lysine as the piezoelectric generator.

The future of pacemakers? Scientists are developing a battery-free pacing device that harvests energy from ...

The Daily Mail 04 Aug 2021
Typical pacemakers consist of a pulse generator, which has a battery and a tiny computer circuit, and one or more wires known as pacing leads, which attach to your heart ... At their device's centre are layers of piezoelectric material, which generate power whenever it is bent.

Charge It: New Green Nanotech Molecule Can Power Some Medical Devices

The Tennessee Tribune 27 Jul 2021
“Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to generate electric currents and voltage as a result of the application of mechanical force, or vice versa, to create a mechanical force as the result of exposure to an electric field,” said Ehud Gazit, professor in the department of molecular microbiology and biotechnology, Tel Aviv University.

The dissolving implant to mend broken bones: 'Electric' device helps fractures re-set more quickly... before ...

The Daily Mail 27 Jul 2021
The implant gets its power supply from an electric charge, known as piezoelectricity, that is generated in the bone itself whenever it is exposed to stress, or compression — be it walking, standing or leaning your head on your hand.

Indian scientists develop material that repair itself on mechanical impact

Hindustan Times 24 Jul 2021
... develop piezoelectric molecular crystals that repair themselves with the electrical charges generated by the mechanical impact on them ... Keeping such necessities in mind, scientists have developed piezoelectric molecular crystals that generate electricity under mechanical impact.

Indian scientists make breakthrough discovery of material that repairs itselfPiezoelectric crystals are a class of ...

Deccan Herald 24 Jul 2021
Scientists have developed piezoelectric molecular crystals that repair their own mechanical damage without the need for any external intervention, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) said on Saturday. Piezoelectric crystals are a class of materials that generate electricity when it undergoes a mechanical impact.

Indian scientists' breakthrough discovery: Spacecrafts will soon self-repair damages through this tech

Live Mint 24 Jul 2021
"Piezoelectric crystals are a class of materials that generate electricity when it undergoes a mechanical impact...The piezoelectric molecules developed by the scientists called bipyrazole organic crystals recombine following mechanical fracture without any external intervention, ...

No more broken mobile screens: Bengal researchers develop self-healing material

Hindustan Times 19 Jul 2021
The scientists said that these crystals, which belong to a general class of piezoelectric materials, can generate electricity under pressure, which in turn can heal and retain their crystalline nature which is important for many applications ... Piezoelectricity studies conducted by ...

Engineers Are Creating Concrete Pavement That Wirelessly Charges Electric Cars

Interesting Engineering 16 Jul 2021
They did so through the use of piezoelectric materials. The researchers used the concept of "graded poling" — a means of utilizing various kinds of mechanical stress on a piezoelectric cantilever beam — to generate more power from the material than previously thought possible.

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