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Tech News: Fabrics that can think

Independent online (SA) 14 Jun 2021
... detect chemicals in sweat through chemiluminescence (the emission of light as the result of a chemical reaction), and sense touch and motion through the piezoelectric effect (ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress).

Human senses: The next battlefield for online retailers

Live Mint 09 Jun 2021
The device comprises an array of piezoelectric receptors, which generate electrical responses proportional to applied stress and enable it to identify the surface characteristics of objects ... their businesses using embedded software, data and new-generation wireless connectivity.

Acoustic Wave Sensor Market is expected to witness 16.02% CAGR in the forecast period of ...

The Sentinel Newspaper 29 May 2021
Acoustic wave sensor utilities piezoelectric material to generate the acoustic wave. The changes to the features of the propagation path may impact the amplitude and velocity of the wave due to the acoustic wave is caused on the surface of the material ... The market is also well analyzed on the basis of numerous regions ... Segmentation ... Table of Content..

Engineered defects in crystalline material boost electrical performance

Phys Dot Org 27 May 2021
In this case, the engineered defects led to a five-fold increase in dielectric properties (that restrict the flow of current) and a 19-fold increase in piezoelectric properties (that internally generate an electric field when subject to mechanical stress), Tan said.

Piezo Buzzer Components Market 2021 Analysis by Top Manufacturers – Murata, TDK, Kingstate Electronics, Db ...

The Sentinel Newspaper 08 May 2021
Piezo Buzzer is unified piezoelectric sounder which has piezoelectric diaphragm of 3 terminals connected to self-drive circuit, and it easily generates sound with only a DC power supply (DC3.0-20V) ... generation, supply, request, and market development rate and figure, and so on.

Breakthrough purification of fossil pollen using a new large-particle on-chip sorter

Phys Dot Org 28 Apr 2021
First, the researchers analyzed and experimentally determined the performance of traveling vortex generation ... When the scientists detected a target particle, they sent it to the piezoelectric actuators to trigger the on-chip membrane pumps and generate a microjet flow by pushing and pulling the membrane pumps.

Scientists Create Wood That Generates Useful Amounts Of Electricity

Forbes 20 Apr 2021
Scientists at ETH Zurich manipulated a property of wood called piezoelectricity. It could be possible to insert "electric wood" into floorboards so that walking across them generates power to be stored in a battery ... .

Alfred State engineering students developing energy-harvesting devices

Olean Times Herald 13 Apr 2021
In another project, students Jacob Bianconi, Jesse Hallett and Jessica Pealo, working with Rashidi, developed “a rotational energy harvester that generates a power based on a combination of piezoelectric and electromagnetic methods.”.

Huge growth of Global Neurology Ultrasonic Aspirators Market 2021 with top most key players are ...

The Sentinel Newspaper 12 Apr 2021
Neurology ultrasonic aspirator is a surgical device that uses low frequency ultrasonic vibrations to dissect tissues and aspirate the surgical field ... Ultrasonic Aspirators (UA) utilize ultrasonic frequency vibrations generated by a piezoelectric element in the handpiece to remove tissue ... Request a sample copy of this report @ Click here.- ... About Us..

$721 Million MEMS-based Oscillator Market - Global Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts 2021-2026 -

The Marshall News Messenger 29 Mar 2021
Oscillators are electronic circuits used to generate an electrical signal of a particular frequency by utilizing the vibrating crystal's (piezoelectric material) mechanical resonance ... The demand for next-generation data rate clocking requirements for applications, like optical ...

CUHK team develops water-based TENG

The Engineer 22 Mar 2021
Approaches for harnessing ocean energy have been explored as a solution to the pollution caused by thermal power generation. Nanogenerators, including piezoelectric, triboelectric and pyroelectric, are key technologies used for mechanical energy conversion ... can be generated.

Voltage from wood

Technology Org 16 Mar 2021
Researchers at ETH Zurich and Empa have chemically modified wood and made it more compressible, turning it into a mini-​generator ... When a piezoelectric material is elastically deformed, it generates an electrical voltage ... Wood also has a natural piezoelectric effect, but only generates a very low electrical voltage.

Scientists Modify Wood and Turn It Into a Mini Generator

Interesting Engineering 16 Mar 2021
Researchers found a way to chemically modify wood to make it more compressible, and when compressed, it becomes a mini generator. That's right, wood that generates an electrical voltage ... What the team did to make wood turn into a generator ... When a piezoelectric material like wood is deformed it generates a low electrical voltage.

Researchers In Switzerland Get Electricity From Wood

Slashdot 16 Mar 2021
Researchers at ETH Zurich and Empa have chemically modified wood and made it more compressible, turning it into a mini-generator. When compressed, it generates an electrical voltage.

Global Piezoelectric Crystal Market survey (2020): SWOT analysis, Opportunities and Growth forecast till 2027

The Sentinel Newspaper 15 Mar 2021
The market intelligence study gives comprehensive knowledge and valuable insights about the Global Piezoelectric Crystal industry ... Our analysts keep an eye on the situation across the world explains that the Global Piezoelectric Crystal Market will generate lucrative prospects for producers to post the COVID-19 crisis.

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